About Us

The "Weeks of the German Language"

The “Weeks of the German Language” is an annual festival organised by the Embassies of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Goethe-Institut Cyprus in October and November, featuring a series of activities and events related to the German language and the culture of each country: cinema, musical events, theatre, multimedia events, exhibitions and lectures. The festival took place in autumn 2017 for the first time and has since developed and diversified with events in several locations on the island.

German is the mother tongue of more than 130 million people and around 14.5 million people worldwide are learning German. Learning German opens doors to the linguistic and cultural diversity of Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well as other German speaking countries. Furthermore it improves study and employment prospects. The “Weeks of the German Language” aim at promoting multilingualism in Cyprus and contribute to the already flourishing cultural exchange between Cyprus and these European countries.

The organisers

The “Weeks of the German Language” are jointly organised by the Embassies of Austria, Germany and Switzerland together with the Goethe-Institut Cyprus, who are committed to offering a diverse cultural programme reaching out to friends of the German language island wide. The festival would not be possible without the valuable collaboration of our supporters.

We believe that good foreign language skills are the stepping-stone to mutual understanding and enable to build trust, to promote dialogue and facilitate exchange and cooperation between individuals and cultures. The cultivation of one’s own language, as well as multilingualism are important to Europe.